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Clinical Study
The Impact of Preoperative Antithrombotic Therapy on the Risks for Thrombo-ischemic Events and Bleeding among Patients Undergoing Elective Spine Surgery
Syed I. Khalid, Pranav Mirpuri, Sai Chilakapati, Angelika Kwak, Devon Mitchell, Owoicho Adogwa, Ankit I. Mehta
Received April 18, 2023  Accepted July 10, 2023  Published online December 5, 2023  
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Spinal Deformity, Surgery at the Cervicothoracic Junction, and American Society of Anesthesiologists Class Increase the Risk of Post-surgical Intensive Care Unit Treatment after Dorsal Spine Surgery: A Single-Center Multivariate Analysis of 962 Patients
Jannik Leyendecker, Tobias Prasse, Ahmad Al Rahhal, Christoph Paul Hofstetter, Wolfgang Wetsch, Peer Eysel, Jan Bredow
Received March 23, 2023  Accepted June 18, 2023  Published online November 10, 2023  
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Perioperative Intravenous Nefopam on Pain Management and Ambulation after Open Spine Surgery: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Study
Pornpan Chalermkitpanit, Wicharn Yingsakmongkol, Worawat Limthongkul, Teerachat Tanasansomboon, Patt Pannangpetch, Nattapat Tangchitcharoen, Weerasak Singhatanadgige
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(4):632-638.   Published online July 6, 2023
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Review Article
Patient Positioning in Spine Surgery: What Spine Surgeons Should Know?
Bhavuk Garg, Tungish Bansal, Nishank Mehta, Alok D. Sharan
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(4):770-781.   Published online May 25, 2023
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Clinical Study
Are We Looking at a Paradigm Shift in the Management of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis? Comprehensive Retrospective Analysis of 75 Patients of Nonfusion Anterior Scoliosis Correction with 2–5-Year Follow-up: A Single Center Experience
Sajan Hegde, Vigneshwara Badikillaya, Umesh Kanade, Keyur Akbari, Sharan Achar, Harith Reddy
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(3):529-537.   Published online May 22, 2023
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Review Article
Comparison of Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy Decompression and Microscopic Decompression Effectiveness in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Li Junjie, Yin Jiheng, Liu Jun, Lin haixiong, Yuan Haifeng
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(2):418-430.   Published online February 6, 2023
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Recent Updates on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Techniques, Technologies, and Indications
Jun-Young Choi, Sang-Min Park, Ho-Joong Kim, Jin S. Yeom
Asian Spine J. 2022;16(6):1013-1021.   Published online December 27, 2022
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Clinical Study
Remodeling of Epidural Fluid Hematoma after Uniportal Lumbar Endoscopic Unilateral Laminotomy with Bilateral Decompression: Comparative Clinical and Radiological Outcomes with a Minimum Follow-up of 2 Years
Pang Hung Wu, Hyeun Sung Kim, Giovanni Grasso, Jin Woo An, Myeonghun Kim, Inkyung Lee, Jong Seon Park, Jun Hyoung Lee, Sangsoo Kang, Jeongshik Lee, Yeonjin Yi, Jun Hyung Lee, Jun Hwan Park, Jae Hyeon Lim, Il-Tae Jang
Asian Spine J. 2023;17(1):118-129.   Published online July 4, 2022
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Analgesic Effect of Intravenous Nefopam for Postoperative Pain in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: A Randomized Prospective Study
Pornpan Chalermkitpanit, Worawat Limthongkul, Wicharn Yingsakmongkol, Marvin Thepsoparn, Patt Pannangpetch, Nattapat Tangchitcharoen, Teerachat Tanasansomboon, Weerasak Singhatanadgige
Asian Spine J. 2022;16(5):651-657.   Published online March 11, 2022
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Review Article
Lumbar Spinal Steroid Injections and Infection Risk after Spinal Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Harshadkumar A. Patel, Naga Suresh Cheppalli, Amit Wasudeo Bhandarkar, Vidhi Patel, Anuj Singla
Asian Spine J. 2022;16(6):947-957.   Published online March 8, 2022
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“Spine Surgery Checklist”: A Step towards Perfection through Protocols
Arvind Gopalrao Kulkarni, Jwalant Yogeshkumar Patel, Sanjeev Asati, Navin Mewara
Asian Spine J. 2022;16(1):38-46.   Published online May 21, 2021
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Feasibility of Single-Stage Posterior Passive Correction and Fusion Surgery for Congenital Scoliosis in Adolescent Patients Who Have Attained Skeletal Maturity
Chee Kidd Chiu, Rommel Lim Tan, Siti Mariam Abd Gani, Jessamine Sze Lynn Chong, Weng Hong Chung, Chris Yin Wei Chan, Mun Keong Kwan
Asian Spine J. 2022;16(3):315-325.   Published online May 7, 2021
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Making a Traditional Spine Surgery Clinic Telemedicine-Ready in the “New Normal” of Coronavirus Disease 2019
Ka-Po Gabriel Liu, Wei Loong Barry Tan, Wei Luen James Yip, Jun-Hao Tan, Hee-Kit Wong
Asian Spine J. 2021;15(2):164-171.   Published online March 17, 2021
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Contraindication of Minimally Invasive Lateral Interbody Fusion for Percutaneous Reduction of Degenerative Spondylolisthesis: A New Radiographic Indicator of Bony Lateral Recess Stenosis Using I Line
Ken Ishii, Norihiro Isogai, Yuta Shiono, Kodai Yoshida, Yoshiyuki Takahashi, Kenichiro Takeshima, Masanori Nakayama, Haruki Funao
Asian Spine J. 2021;15(4):455-463.   Published online October 19, 2020
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